The Company "La Fonte Srl" was established in 1998, going into production in 2004 as a small business in the east territory of Palermo, that didn't have any industrial context. The implementation of the industrial project was preceded by a long and serious study phase, accumulation and exploitation of resources in terms of financial and human capital.

The corporate purpose required by statute concerns the management of an industrial technically organized for the production and for bottling water. The constant commitment of the family Pecoraro and of a team with strong professional skills, has enabled the rapid development of competitiveness, ranging from the quality of the product to commercial networks.

The territory of Milicia is rich in waters that come from the body of Monte Sant'Onofrio and the . The first to recognize the characteristics of these waters were the Arabs, who were here in the eleventh century and founded the house of Ayn be- Lyen; that term actually means "the source".

The Muslim farmers tilled the land, planted crops and built several water systems of sewage underground water. The Normans, who fought here with the Altavilla brothers a decisive battle for the conquest of Palermo, left an important historical record by building a church and a Basilian monastery (1068), while the source "Fonte di lu re" (the King's Source) was named in memory of King Roger who appreciated the quality of the water. Later. the king Ferdinand IV of Bourbon came to know and drink these waters during the hunting trips made in the wooded chain of Monte Cane, that were royal hunting; these are signs of an ancient relationship between the story to the territory and its waters, which has always defined "good and healthy".

The fundamental principles that guide our activities are based on the values of safety and well-being of the consumer. We aim to satisfy our public offering products of the highest standard. In this direction we are proud to place the Environmental Management Certification ISO 14001: 2004 and the certification of Hygiene Code and Food Security ISO 22000: 2005.

The values and ideals of proper entrepreneurial strategic management are the basis of our vision, characterized by respect for the environment and the promotion of the quality of the food.

The recent investment in photovoltaics has contributed to reducing emissions, improving the state of the environment and promoting the rational use of resources for sustainable development. Technology investments are aimed at continuous improvement of products and processes, to ensure quality and safety of food.

In our plant there are two production lines: the first with a production capacity of 12,000 bottles / hour and the second, made in 2010, with production capacity of 20,000 bottles / hour. There is currently a new investment for the installation of new machines, blow molding and bottling, with innovative devices and assistive technology. The production process involves the stretch-blow molding of PET preforms, through their heating at high temperature in order to allow their processing.

Clear operating procedures and tested, perform appropriate and continuous controls to ensure that procedures are carried out correctly, the strict application of the rules of the sector throughout the food chain, the sense of responsibility and commitment shared by primary all operators in the supply chain, are the conditions that guarantee the quality and safety of food products business of our company.

La Fonte SRL has a proper policy to improve the environmental and corporate spaces. The company has focused on solar energy and energy efficiency thanks to a major photovoltaic system for the production of clean electricity. The company management has installed clean energy systems on the spaces available with a photovoltaic system of 669 kW (kilowatts) of rated power that started the operation in June 2012. By 2014 the company will make another step towards environmental sustainability, increasing energy sources renewable with more than 99 kW; the company will have a total of 798 kW of clean energy.

To improve the balance between performance, energy savings and environmental sustainability is also used LED lighting that has replaced incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. The power used for lighting of premises, offices and outdoor areas thanks to the intervention of "energy efficiency" with LED lighting high efficiency was reduced by 50%. With the same hours of operation of the lighting system during both the daytime and night the new lighting system has resulted in the halving of the energy employed, and of course also of the related costs in addition to those related to maintenance.

Regarding the environmental policy, the objective of the collection and management of waste has also been achieved, together with the international certification UNI EN ISO 14001/2004.

The commitment of the company is planned and reviewed annually with the ambitious goal to progressively minimize the impact on the environment through product solutions and process anticipative or innovative.

ISO 22000:2005

The Company is certified according to ISO 22000: 2005 (Food Safety Management Systems), whose purpose is to ensure a safe product from the point of view of food and consumer health. The rules include the definition of all the dangers that "reasonably" could occur along the supply chain, taking into account the processes that characterize it and the environments in which they are held. The Company, continuously keeping with these standards, buys raw materials from reliable suppliers with certificates of conformity and uses according to the strictest hygiene standards. All stages of the process of bottling and packaging are followed and controlled by analytical controls and inspections by the staff of line. The computerized system of traceability allows finally to follow step by step the product from bottling way to distribution to the customer.

EN ISO 14001:2004

To improve production processes, La Fonte has undergone certification of environmental management. The EN ISO 14001: 2004 is not mandatory, but it is the voluntary choice of the company that has decided to implement and maintain its environmental management system. Our organization has an appropriate management system to monitor the environmental impacts of our activities, and systematically to improve them in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable way. See certificate EN ISO 14001: 2004

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